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An oil tank sweep is the best way to locate buried oil tanks. Improperly abandoned underground oil tanks are a financial liability and hazard.

Warning Signs of Buried Oil Tank

  • If the home or building was constructed prior to 1975 and has natural gas heat.
  • An above ground oil tank provides fuel for heat or hot water.
  • Extra lines are entering the basement from the outside and do not appear to be productive.
  • Pipes are visible sticking up from the ground or driveway at the property.

If any of the above conditions exist, there is a strong possibility that there may be an undisclosed buried oil tank on the property.

The Risks Associated With Abandoned
Underground Oil Tanks

Tanks that are not properly abandoned have often leaked in the past and are likely to be surrounded by contaminated soil.
Taking possession of a contaminated property means that you are responsible for the cleanup costs even though you may have no prior knowledge of the problem.
Cleanups are costly – ranging from $8,000 to up to $100,000! What’s more, most home insurers exclude coverage for leaking oil tanks so you wind up footing the bill.
Tanks that are empty and not properly backfilled with sand or gravel can inadvertently collapse and create a dangerous sinkhole. Most municipalities take immediate action to make the area safe.

Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself

Sellers often do not have any knowledge of any oil tank at the property because they were left abandoned by previous owners, so it is important to protect yourself against any financial liability and health hazard in your new home.

Search the area for tanks:

Hire a certified company to search the premises for undisclosed and abandoned underground tanks.

Hiring contractor:

Find experienced contractor on both residential and commercial properties. Verify the contractor’s insurance is valid.

Expect a detailed report:

If a tank is discovered, you should receive a written report detailing the location of the tank.

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Call 908-447-2503 for FREE Consultation!

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